If you buy a business, and I am not saying that you will, it will be because of the following reasons:

1) You have enough cash in the bank to complete the purchase 2) You have the time to search and find the right business 3)

You will never be dissuaded from the goal of working for yourself. That about sums it up. However, the above scenario assumes, for example, that you

are loaded with cash and need no financing for a healthy sized deal. Or it assumes that you have rather little cash but just enough to own a very small company. Either way the scenario presumes you forgo the leverage of an LBO because you would rather deploy all your savings towards the deal. Make no mistake, this is the fastest way to do a deal. But most folks arent in this kind of cash position. Even if they have done deals before. I have done deals before and I still would never deploy all my hard earned cash towards one deal. Cash is king, keep it. Dont buy a liquor store if, with the same

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savings account, you can buy a distributor. The distributor will outgrow and outperform the liquor store every time. Its called scalability. While it takes longer to do an LBO the rewards are exponentially greater. Here is why YOU will do an LBO and not just buy a business: 1) You dont have enough cash

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to buy a company but you will find it. 2) You dont have enough time but you will make it. 3) You dont have the skills, but you will learn them 4) You dont have the financing but you will get it. 5) You dont have a team to help you but you will assemble it. There. That should do it. The LBO is defined more by what resources you are lacking than what you have. Always realize that if you are but one person, two people, even a small investor group or a small business, you will be lacking nearly everything you need to pull off an LBO. Even if you have done one before. That is the beauty of it. If everyone could do it. well.. everyone cant.